New Administration Transition F.A.Q.

When will the transition take place to the NEW Administration?

  • The current administration will continue to register members and repeaters and conduct business as usual until later this month. The date of the transition was July 20, 2021. Please be patient with any requests or applications that day as there will be a transfer of assets to the new administration which will result in delays.

Will I be expecting any changes as a member of LAG Group?

  • As a member of LAG Group, you should not notice any significant changes, at least at first transition. The new administration may make changes to the website (i.e. colors, layout, etc.), databases, links, or pages.
  • As a member however, the NEW LAG Administrator has decided to remain using the current web hosting service and platform which means that you will not need to re-register an account. The current database information within the website and forms members submitted will be transferred to the new administration.

What if I choose to not be a part of the NEW LAG Group?

  • If you are an existing member or repeater owner and do not wish to move forward with the new administration for whatever reason, you can disjoin as you have been able to do so currently. As for repeater owner, there is a form to fill out and be submitted. Regular members should fill out the contact membership coordinator form and simply ask for your account and info to be removed by informing us of your callsign.