Repeater Affiliation

Affiliate Your Repeater With LAG Group

Do you own a repeater that you would like to affiliate with the LAG Group? We’d be more than happy to have your system join up with our group! Below are some of the benefits of adding your repeater with the LAG Group!

  1. Become part of a group that continues to grow!
  2. Free to join and helps grow the GMRS Community of usage on local repeaters.
  3. Protect your investment with self coordination through our group.
  4. Unlimited use of all Group system repeaters as you travel.
  5. Still maintain additional access besides lag members and ability to modify your system, yet provide updated information for lag members.
  6. Assist as part of an Advisory Board with the LAG Administration to create or modify guidelines.
  7. We are proud to be one of the top sites in returned hit inquiries for “GMRS repeater” in Yahoo, Google, MSN, and other big search engines!

The affiliation project is an undertaking which we would like to see prosper for all repeater owners. We thought with simple effort, we could become a large user group where all members could pool resources and equipment together to build a strong network where our members were never out of touch. The affiliation project also will help new repeater owners or potential repeater owners find a frequency clear of co-channel interference from other repeaters affiliated with the LAG Group by providing clear information to where our repeaters are located, what they are, and how to make contact to use them, if available.

If you’re interested in the LAG Group, please login into our website and fill out an affiliation request form on our website.

Whether your repeater covers 5 miles or 50 miles, we’d love to hear from you and get you on board!