To The Lakes Area GMRS Repeater Group

Cooperating together in the General Mobile Radio Service Since 2002!

Welcome to the LAG Group! Join today, we look forward to you being a part of our GMRS Cooperative!

LAG Group is a General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) repeater cooperative in the United States Midwest Region that repeater owners can permit GMRS licensees and their families to operate on many repeaters surrounding the Great Lakes in a mutual sharing environment.

Our group continues to grow each year while maintaining our traditional values in sharing and cooperation. Our mission is simple, to share resources and make GMRS communications viable for your personal and/or family use for as many licensees as possible.

You can JOIN TODAY by requesting membership using our form. If you are a member and have a repeater that you would like to affiliate and continue to grow our group, login to the website and fill out a request.

PLEASE NOTE: The NEW LAG Administration is unable to process previous database information into our new website. We are asking that previous members of LAG Group rejoin today and continue to be a part of our organization. This helps to rebuild our database with accurate membership and repeater information. This is a huge benefit to our members as they can assure when using a repeater that they have access because of accurate information. Thank you all for your cooperation and patience with us.

We thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy the site. Please look around and stop back often.